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Top mines get high scores in ‘green’ scorecard

December 13, 2015

MANILA, Philippines - Three of the country’s biggest mines that voluntarily submitted their operations to third-party scrutiny by an environmental NGO posted near-perfect scores in a special ‘green’ scorecard, the Philippine Business for Environmental Stewardship (PBEST) said.

The Padcal mine of Philex in Benguet, the mine of Taganito Mining Corp., a Nickel Asia Corp. subsidiary in Surigao del Norte, and the mine of Carmen Copper Corp., Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corp.’s subsidiary, in Cebu all scored above 200 out of a possible 210 points based on a PBEST’s Environmental Performance Tracking Program (EPTP).

 “Last year we gave businesses a venue where an independent evaluator can assess their compliance with relevant environmental rules and regulations, and we’re glad that these companies answered our call,” said PBEST secretary general Ysan Castillo,.

Big businesses should take a lead role in environmental stewardship, a field where industries’ resources and culture of innovation can be useful, he added.

Developed by renowned geologist CP David, the EPTP was based on the Mining Act of 1995 and its implementing rules and regulations.

The instrument is not intended to compare companies and mining operations because inherent differences exist among each mine, PBEST clarified.

Instead, the site and its operations are evaluated based on their unique environmental situations; and their best practices and innovations would serve as models for responsible mining..

The first batch of EPTP subjects, three of the longest and most successful mining operations in the country, showed “ample evidence” of reforestation and rehabilitation efforts and development of the surrounding communities in areas like health, education, and livelihood.

Other specific findings include: Carmen Copper mine reporting “no incident of effluent quality violation and employing the most number of pollution control officers;” the Padcal mine having the highest ratio of employees engaged in environmental related projects at three percent; and Taganito’s mine having the largest contingent liability and mine rehabilitation fund at P7.3 million.

Philex also has an ISO 14001 accreditation, the only one of the three mining companies, the report noted.

PBEST also announced that the country’s first and oldest mining company, Benguet Corp., has also volunteered to join the EPTP project and has started the first phase of the scorecard’s evaluation process, the results of which will be announced at a later date.

Castillo said it is very encouraging that four of the biggest legitimate large scale mining companies have joined the EPTP as another platform for the mining industry to come clean and show to the public that “responsible mining is being done.”

“This as an important step towards self-regulation in the extractive industries,” he added.


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