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Changes in Capital Structure

  • AT 17-C Subscription of SMIC to Atlas Shares 01 Jul 2011

  • AT 17-C Acquisition of 100% equity interest in Carmen Copper Corp 23 Jun 2011

  • 17-C Exercise of Abacus Option Conversion of Indemnity Obligation to Alakor

  • 17-C Approval of Issuance of Shares to Abacus 9 Nov 2010

  • 17-C Conversion of USD 11.5 million Anglo Loan


Other Reports

  • AT 17-C Press Release First Quarter 2015 unaudited Financial and Operating Results 15 May 2015

  • AT 17-C Press Release FY2014 Financial and Operating Results 18 March 2015

  • AT 17-C Certificate of Attendance 14 Jan 2013

  • AT 17-C Exchange of Stock Certificates reflecting new par value 17 Oct 2012

  • AT 17-C Establishment of ARMC 5 Oct 2012